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Hello, World!

Keith Watson, professional photo by ISPhotographic

My name is Keith Watson. I work to improve information security and privacy for organizations and individuals. Right now, my emphasis is on information supply chain security, risk management, system and software security, awareness, and education.

ikawnoclastic thoughts is a place for me to share information and teach. I am in the process of moving some older, yet still valuable, content to this site and creating new content too! I hope you find it

I am an information assurance and security professional with interests on operating systems, social media, and software development. Currently, I work as an information assurance research engineer at the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) at Purdue University and a contributor to Own Your Space.

I assist organizations with risk reduction through security risk analysis, mitigation, training, and security architecture design.

I also educate social media users and security professionals with informative guides, informal talks, presentations, and blog posts.

 Et tu, Keith Watson?

Here are a just a few places you will find me online: