Facebook Security: Register Your Mobile Phone to Use Advanced Security Features

Facebook has added several security features to keep your account safe from attackers and spammers. Some of these features use your mobile phone to alert you about activity on your account and to request and receive security codes to log into your Facebook account. Facebook One-time Passwords allow you to request a unique code to log into your account from untrusted public or borrowed computers. This system protects your account because you need your account password and a code that is sent to your phone. Facebook Login Approvals send codes to your mobile phone when you log into your Facebook account from a computer that you have not used before. Facebook Login Notifications alert you when your account is accessed from a computer have not used before. All of these advanced Facebook security features take advantage of a device that you are likely to be carrying nearly all of the time. Mobile phones are a quick way for Facebook to notify you about login activities on your account and to give you access to your account when you are using a different computer.

To use these features, you need to register your mobile phone with Facebook. By registering, you confirm that you are the owner of the phone. The registration process is designed to ensure that you have the phone in your possession. This is accomplished by having you send a brief message to Facebook’s text messaging number. Once you do, you will receive a reply text message with a code that you then enter into mobile phone configuration on Facebook’s web site.

Registering Your Mobile Phone

Here is how to register your mobile phone with Facebook.

  1. Click on the “triangle” drop-down menu in the upper right portion of the Facebook page.
  2. Select “Account Settings”. A new page will open.
  3. On the upper left portion of the Facebook page you will see a tab called “Mobile” with a mobile phone icon next to it. Click on it.

    Facebook Mobile Settings configuration in Account Settings.
  4. If you have not added a phone before, there will be a green button that says “Add a Phone”. Click on it. (If you have registered your phone, you can see the details about your currently registered phone.)
  5. A small window will open. You need to select your country and mobile carrier. Once you have made your selections, choose “Next”.
  6. Pick up your mobile phone and send the letter “F” to 32665 (“FBOOK”), which is the SMS short code for Facebook. Within a minute or so you should receive a confirmation code in a text message reply.

    Facebook Mobile Settings configuration window to enter the confirmation code you receive.
  7. Go back to the Facebook web page and enter the confirmation code that you received. If all goes well, you have now confirmed that you are the owner of the phone.
  8. You can configure various settings associated with your phone from the “Mobile Settings” tab.

Mobile Phone Considerations

Registering your mobile phone with Facebook will help you to protect your Facebook account. There are some things to remember if you decide to use your mobile phone with Facebook for the advanced security features.

  1. You will be sending and receiving text messages with your mobile phone. Make sure that you aware of the costs of these messages. If you have a large number of messages available per month or an unlimited plan, then you should have no issues.
  2. If someone borrows or steals your mobile phone, they can request a one-time password to gain access to your Facebook account. This assumes they know the email address you use to log into Facebook. Prevent someone from using your phone without permission by enabling a lock screen on your phone.
  3. If you loose your mobile phone, you should remove that phone from Facebook’s Mobile Settings configuration to prevent a thief from accessing your account with one-time passwords and accessing other Facebook services through text messaging.
  4. If you replace your mobile phone with a new one in the future, you will need to update your mobile phone settings in Facebook.


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Facebook Extra Security Features

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